Happy Birthday, Windows XP: Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the beloved Windows XP operating system. And I think in honor of this birthday, we will spread the love towards the often-hated Windows XP operating system. (If you recall, we did a similar thing for the iPod earlier this week).


With Windows Vista on the horizon, it is important to look back at the life of Windows XP and commemorate it with a list of why we love that old workhorse of an operating system.

The Right Mouse Button
Sure, the competitor has been supporting the right mouse button for quite some time now, but they still neglect to include it in their packaged mice or touchpads on the laptops. XP has always supported the beloved right mouse button and always will. How else can you quickly steal images from the internet without the right mouse button?

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Application Support
Don't get me wrong, the competitors have some cool software suites, but if there is a program out there, then there is a good chance it was made for XP, or has a version available for XP.

Hands down, XP is a gaming machine. Gaming companies always make an XP version, and very few port their game over to the competitor's operating system. Where would we be as a society without Solitaire, Freecell and Minesweeper. And don't forget Pinball.

Sure prepackaged computers with Windows XP are great (and cheap, see next bullet-point). But what if you want to build your own? Windows makes it easy as hell. Feel like upgrading components? Still easy. Half the time XP already has the drivers. Boy, this new video card sure is swell! And don't even get me started on the awesome case mods that always accompany XP-powered machines.


Machine Competition
There are hundreds of companies out there manufacturing machines to run XP. This drives the prices of machines down. Want a complete desktop unit for $300? It's possible with XP.

The competition may think they are cool with the animated enlarging icons, but that shit eats the ram, hardcore. XP uses less ram and runs a lot faster.


New Technology
What's that? Core 2 Duo? 64-bit processing? SLI graphics? Oh, XP has been doing that for ages now.

Media Center
XP saw the addition of Windows Media Center edition. And hell, they have been doing it for years. The addition of MCE to the XP operating system saw the first steps of home entertainment and PC integration. What's that? iTV in a year? Oh, neat, if you like old ideas.


Five years later, it is still Windows XP. Sure, they have had some service packs, but that is a hell of a lot better than buying a new update every year named after a silly animal.

Raise your hand if you have ever used a version of XP that wasn't exactly purchased. Windows Genuine Advantage has since hindered that possibility, somewhat, but still. XP helped kick start a generation of kids that do not pay for software with the help of P2P programs like BitTorrent, as of late. Free is always good.


Happy Birthday, XP. May you live long and prosper, and may Vista give us the same awesomeness that you did.



Yes, this is definately a top 10 from a man that hasn't spent much time on a Mac. Let me help you with your Top 10:

The Right Mouse Button: Yes, Mac supports the additional feature and has for a very long time. It's called the CONTROL + mouse click. What else are you gonna do with your left hand while surfing the net (wait, never mind)?

Application Support: That's one of the biggest issues with a PC... there's too much "crap" being made for it. Go ahead, load up your PC with a bunch of appz made from teenagers and watch the fatal blue screen of death appear. Just wait till you want to delete the app (yeah, it never fully gets removed... we all know that... unlike a Mac). Besides, I'll take less appz made by professionals any day of the year.

Gaming: Yes, XP does run games better than OSX. But isn't that why there's Xbox, Playstation, GameCube, and more? If you want a computer, buy a computer. If you want a gaming machine, buy a gaming machine. Does your car cut your grass?

Customizability: Go ahead XP Fan Boy, buy that prepacked XP machine. Call me before you start it up though. I want to come over and watch you uninstall all the AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Encarta, Trial-me-and-this crap software that destroys the OS performance. As far as the case mods, I haven't seen one that even compares to what Apple puts out. In fact, I've seen several that try to immitate the Mac. However, the cheap, painted, plastic case is a dead give-a-way. A Mac case is built like a Mercedes, a PC case is built like a kit car.

Machine Competition: It's called "you get what you pay for". Going back on using cars as an example: do you really think a $15k car is as good as a $60k car? If you do, then you've never owned a $60k car (just like you've never owned a Mac).

Speed: I'll just point to Xenobiologista's comment above for this one.

New Technology: What about dual quad-core Macs? Yeah, count 'em-eight cores. And let's not forget (if you know ANYTHING at all) you know that if it wasn't for Apple, there would have NEVER been Windows.

Media Center: I'll give you this one. Media Center is very nice. I use one in the bedroom. But I have faith that Apple will definately have something better on the rise.

Versions: Yo, Spin Doctor!!! You can spin it anyway you want to, the fact is this: After 5 years, Microsoft still hasn't figured out how to secure and stablize XP (that's why they're creating Vista). Apple on the other hand year after year delivers an amazing OS. Sure you have to pay for it if you want it, but you don't NEED the latest OS. Do you buy a new car every year?

Piracy: Your comment here is just juvenile. P2P and BitTorrent programs are for Macs as well. Before these programs there were Message Boards and News Groups (also accessable by Macs). But stealing software comes with a price. If you try and tell me that you've never illegally downloaded a piece of software that wasn't infested with virus', you're lying. But then again, Macs don't get Virus'.

One thing I know for sure, EVERY SINGLE person that I know that has switched from PCs to Macs were ecstatically happy they did. I can't say the same for the few that "tried" to switch to a PC (they hated it and immediately switched back). And by the way, I own both a PC and a Mac (PC for work, PC for Media Center, Mac for everything else). I'm well experienced on both machines and am able to make an informed comment.