Harman Kardon Drive+Play 2 is a Supercharged FM Transmitter

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Harman Kardon has updated their line of automobile media management gadgets with the Drive+Play 2, and FM transmitter that costs $400 bucks. (Yes, $400.)

Maybe justifying that cost is the D+P 2's screen. And its unique music browsing features that will create a personal DJ that selects music from the same artist, album or genre of music. Another music browsing feature is the ability for the D+P 2 to create dynamic channels. Imagine your wide music library being organized into stations or channels—similar to satellite or terrestrial radio.

The D+P 2 has an included wireless (!!) navigation knob and screen for full browsing capabilities on your portable music device. It also includes Harman Net (like a port for expandability), Bluetooth and supports for Sirius. The D+P 2 will supports many devices such as the iPod and Zune.

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That looks really frikkin sweet. I have the old drive+play 1 but would upgrade to this one in a heartbeat. I see "phone" and "slideshow" on the display so I can't wait for more specs on it, I'm secretly hoping it has a bluetooth carkit built in.