Harvard A Capella Group Honors John Williams With Medley of His Best Scores

John Williams was recently presented with an honorary doctorate in music from Harvard University, and since they couldn’t sneak an entire orchestra onto the stage, one of the school’s most famous a cappella groups took it upon themselves to pay musical tribute to Hollywood’s most iconic composer.


The Din and Tonics, an all male a cappella group from Harvard, performed a collection of some of Williams’ biggest compositions, including selections from Star Wars, E.T., Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Superman. The boys were clearly having a blast, and Williams certainly seemed to appreciate the gesture (even if you could tell his musical ear was secretly spotting imperfections, he is a genius after all).

It just goes to show that Williams’ music is so beautiful, iconic, and eternal that you don’t even need instruments to recognize it. All you need is a few guys in tuxedos, so long as one of them can make a decent shark’s fin. You can check out the performance below.


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