Have you ever seen a man impaled by a meteorite, or disintegrated by super-lightning? Now you have.

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This Saturday, Syfy's Original Movies are breaking the monster-movie mold, with a totally insane apocalyptic TV movie. We've seen big chunks of Earth's Final Hours, the TV movie with the self-explanatory title, and it's totally nuts. We're excited to be able to share a couple of exclusive clips, featuring two super-creative methods of interstellar death: impalement via meteor, and instant incineration via super-lightning.

Seriously, you have never seen death from the skies delivered in quite this way before.

According to director William David Hogan, the movie comes out of the very real possibility that "dense matter" could erupt out of a collapsing white hole and be propelled towards Earth — and thus, stop our planet from rotating. Yes, like in The Core. Check out a second clip below:

Earth's Final Hours airs on Syfy at 9 PM EST. More detail over at its Facebook page.