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Haven't you heard? Apple WWDC Is Today!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This post may be intended for the three Giz readers who didn't know Steve Jobs was going to give a keynote speech in San Francisco today at Apple's World Wide Developers Convention. I am ensconced just a block away, and will soon join the throng as it crowds in close to hear...

Well, we're not sure what we'll hear. At the very least, we should get new, previously "top secret" Leopard OS features. There might be a new disk format and brushed-metal iMacs in our future. The wild money is on some kind of a multi-touch tablet device, but that just seems, I don't know, a little Gatesian.


We do know that Steve's speech will not last 3 hours and we know that every registered developer gets a handy tote bag, to facilitate the toting of their new beta copy of Leopard. Want to see it?


Made you look! See, it's just a dumb tote bag. The eBay bidding starts at $3,000. (Just kidding! Sheesh!)

For a tidy round-up of WWDC keynote guesses, rumors that will be confirmed or smashed about two hours from now on your very own beloved Gizmodo Dot Com, visit the Apple 2.0 blog. Hey Phil: when the iPhone comes out, won't you have to start calling your blog Apple 3.0? At least, that seems to be the gist of The Economist's love letter to Mr. Jobs. See you at the show!


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