He Killed His Girlfriend ... And Planned to Make Her His Corpse Bride

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No less an authority than the Weekly World News dubbed Forrest Fuller the “Groom of Doom” for the grim plan he set in motion after jealously stabbing Jodie Myers to death in 1994. She’d told him she wanted to start seeing other people, but the New Jersey man had other plans.


Those plans were, most distressingly, described in detailed phone calls placed to Myers’ friends and family members, per the WWN:

“He intended to dress up her body in a wedding gown and place a wedding band on her finger,” Sgt. Jack Smith said. “Then he planned to sever the finger and mail it with the ring attached to her mother.”

The horrors of this story were not limited to tabloids, however. The NY Times also reported on it:

A man fatally stabbed his estranged girlfriend, telephoned her mother to say he was going to marry the corpse and then drove to West Virginia where he was captured, the authorities said today.

The man, Forrest D. Fuller, of Pemberton Township, N.J., was arrested in the Last Stop bar in Fairmont, W. Va., on Thursday after he told a barmaid that his dead girlfriend was outside in the car, said Sgt. Jack Smith, a spokesman for the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.

Authorities found the bloody corpse of his girlfriend, Jodie Myers, wrapped in blankets in the rear seat of her 1994 Chevrolet Camaro, said Sergeant Smith. A wedding dress was in the trunk.

A wedding dress was in the trunk. Shudder.

An autopsy showed that Myers, who was murdered in Fuller’s trailer home, died after being choked with a necktie and stabbed multiple times with a steak knife. Fuller, who admitted he’d planned to drive the body all the way to California, went to his convenience-store job after the murder and helped himself to $700, presumably to fund his road trip, which he began early the next morning.


The NY Times also noted that Fuller was already married when he killed Myers, but had a restraining order placed on him by his estranged wife. Together, they had a young son.

Fuller pled guilty and received a 30-year sentence with no chance of parole. Myers’ family appointed Jodie Myers’ aunt, Brenda Renish, as their spokesperson, and she told him “We feel you should have been put to a painful death.” Outside of the courtroom, she admitted to the press that the judge had prohibited her from expressing her feelings more colorfully: “He is a low-life, scum-sucking worm. He needs to be dead.”


In 2001, Fuller attempted to gain a new trial, though he had waived the right to do so in 1995.

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Seems like a reasonable course of action - kill your girlfriend because she probably thinks your creepy as hell then marry her corpse.

I find the whole “kill the woman of your dreams” kinda self defeating. I mean what if in the future she gets a bump on the head and decides that the thing that creeped her out in the beginning and made her think about seeing other people brings her back?

I'll never understand it, I've been on the bad side of losing somebody you really care about and shouting at a box under six feet of earth is not cathartic nor therapeutic in any way.