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Head-Mounted Gun Patent Blows Minds, Literally

Illustration for article titled Head-Mounted Gun Patent Blows Minds, Literally

'Albert's Helmet-Mounted Pistol' is a patent back from 1953, when life was simple and people just wanted new hats that could blow away their adversaries. Intended to free the user's hands (hopefully for more guns), the pistol was supposed to be fired by blowing into a tube—like blowing bubbles in milk through a straw, but you know, with more blood.


It seems like a minor oversight that the kickback may kill the participant, or at least leave their neck in severe need for a good rubbing. But even more than we're interested in the helmet, we'd like to see the mega pistol that's strapped on top. Maybe we'll pick a fight with a clown and see if he whips one out. If only mimes were strapped for real... [thebachelorguy via neatorama]

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Talk about being blown away by someone's hot air... I mean seriously, this guy'll kill you with his head..How many people can actually say that they can talk you to death?... This is bad...very bad...