Helicopter Dumps Giant Water Load on Reporter and Triggers Smokey Gigglefest

Suzi Theodory was ready to cover an LA County wildfire for Time Warner News. She even had her anti-smoke sunglasses on! But what she wasn't prepared for was to be doused with hundreds of gallons of water from above.


Luckily, she takes it all in stride! Thoroughly soaked, she bursts into an uncontrollable fit of laughter, her colleague jumping up and down and shrieking. "As you can see, the helicopter just dropped water on us" will live on as our generation's "Good night, and good luck." [via Daily What]


They are lucky, I'm sure the pack of water weighs a tons after dropping in such a high distances and velocity. If the helicopter drop it lower they wouldn't be stand there and laughing. They'll be laying in the hospital crushing they vital bones probably death. Do some physics and math then you will know what I'm talking about