Helio Disconnecting EVDO/WiFi Service

Helio, while best known for bringing hot Korean phones to our shores, has also been offering a somewhat unique EVDO/Wi-Fi service for some time now called "Hybrid." It allowed users to connect to the 3G EVDO network, and when they found a Wi-Fi hotspot they would seamlessly switch over to that speedier connection. The service included a partnership with the Boingo Wi-Fi Network, which has 60,000 hotspots around the world, giving people a chance to boost their speed if they were near a Barnes & Noble or another place with one of their hotspots.

Well, it was a nice idea, but apparently no one used it. The service will be disconnected as of May 8th, with customers who have paid beyond that being issued refunds or credits. Our question is this: Are there any pieces of software out there that will automatically switch you from an EVDO connection to a Wi-Fi hotspot when you come across one? It's a neat idea, one that you shouldn't need to sign up for a service to be able to use.


PhoneScoop [via CrunchGear]

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