Hey there.
The weekend was kind of...hectic. Jason Chen's visiting family in Taiwan, and Mark Wilson, weekend editor was away. That left Travis, Matt and me working hard. Luckily, Saturday and Sunday had interesting news drop about the beautiful hardware you see above.

On Sunday, after numerous leaks cough*gamespot*cough, Microsoft ended our wondering by unleashing full details about the Xbox Spring 2007 Update, and full a QWERTY keyboard that slaps on the undercarriage of the controller. Very cool.


What better thing to do on Saturday night than a soft-launch of the N95 in Nokia's Chicago and NY stores? Of course, its likely you weren't there, or didn't want to pay the $750 premium on the phone. So I told the Easter bunny to get bent, and did entire gallery tours of the hardware and a 50 screenshot walkthrough of the superphone's extensive software. It's as good as owning the damn thing.


The other cool thing: Wilson Rothman, who writes for the NY Times and Time, among many places, is blogging with us for a month. Say hello! His email is Wilson@gizmodo.com.

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