Help bring this post-apocalyptic Monkey King movie to life!

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The Monkey King is one of the oldest legends in all the land and is the main character in the epic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Even though his tales were penned in the 16th century, the Monkey King remains beloved by many. And now, a fellow io9er needs your help getting his new post-apocalyptic take on the saga finished. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from a project worthy of your coin, Rampage In Heaven.


Rampage In Heaven

Director Alex Cheng needs funds to complete his post-apocalyptic adaptation of Journey to the West. And if you know anything about the story, this is an ambitious feat, but the behind-the-scenes footage Cheng has shared on his Kickstarter page gives us plenty of hope for the project. Here's the official run-down:

Rampage In Heaven is a sprawling, violent, post-apocalyptic short film rooted in the 16th century Chinese novel, 'Journey To The West.'

The film follows the character of 'The Monkey King' as he travels across a nightmarish, dying world where all natural elements have been replaced by twisted, mechanical recreations. Upon discovering other survivors, both human and monstrous, he sets out on a self-destructive mission to become more human himself. After carving a savage path on his journey, he comes face-to-face with the costs of his vanity.

Using iconic characters and a similar framework to 'Journey To The West', the film explores the insecurities and turmoil along the path to understanding identity. Featuring an all-encompassing art direction that blends live-action, animation and puppetry, it's designed to be grasped purely by its visuals, regardless of spoken language.

So there you have it. Should you want to see more, you gotta help them fund that mad Monkey King. Head to the Kickstarter page and donate!


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The Helmet

Finally, check out the concept trailer for time-traveling short The Helmet, which was pointed out to us by Quiet Earth. We too are quite taken by the editing and the wild synopsis:

With his girlfriend kidnapped Jason Young is forced to make a daylight robbery on the towns bank.

During the heist an alarm is triggered and the bank is quickly surrounded by police. Jason is backed into the banks vault where he discovers a mysterious old helmet. Activating it sends him back one hour in time.
Now with the aid of the helmet can he pull off the perfect heist and save his girl?

'Groundhog Day' meets 'The Bank Job' in this laugh out loud (lol) comedy.

Is The Helmet a comedy of errors or are they just screwing with us? Either way we're interested. For more information, head over to the Make My Movie contest The Helmet's creators are currently competing in.




Monkey King sounds somewhat like the the rather excellent videogame Enslaved, which you probably didn't play but really should've.