Here Are Your New Almost Mulder and Scully X-Files Figures

There was bound to be new figures enroute with X-Files briefly returning to TV in January. But it’s hard to get excited about Diamond Select Toys’ Mulder and Scully figures which bear only a passing resemblance to the characters we’re so happy to have back.

It’s important to remember that these figures are based on the older versions of Mulder and Scully that we’ll all have to get used to next month, which explains Dana’s blonde hair. Mulder’s figure mostly looks the part with an exaggerated five o’clock shadow, but the sculpt on Scully’s face completely misses the mark. Without Fox standing next to her, she’s mostly unrecognizable.


When available, presumably next month in time for the new X-Files mini series, the $25 seven-inch figures will include 16 points of articulation, character-specific weapons and other accessories, plus partial diorama parts to help make it more obvious who each one is. [Action Figure Insider via Toyark]

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