Here Is a Tweet Venture Capitalist Benedict Evans Just Deleted [Updated]

Image: Twitter

Benedict Evans is an investor who works at famed Silicon Valley venture capital fund Andressen Horowitz. Today, Evans made a tweet snitching to Apple about adult-oriented content on its platform and deleted it shortly afterward. Here it is:


Strangely, Evans’ Twitter followers found that when they tried searching “evelyn” on their own phones, they—unlike Evans—were not getting a porn star’s IMDb page as a suggested result.


In a followup tweet, Evans suggested that because his browsing history showed searches for Evelyn Waugh, author of Brideshead Revisited, he hadn’t previously been searching for Evelyn Lin, star of Big Dicks Little Asians 2. Which might be true! He could be an avid IMDB reader, after all! Even so, Evans’ fellow twitter users were unable to reproduce the results he reported to Apple:


Then, Evans deleted the tweet.


Ain’t that right!

Update 5:08 PM ET:


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