Here's a Better Looking, Less Awkward Segway

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Segways are nerdy and awkward, there's no way around it. This solowheel, a "self balancing electric unicycle" is just as nerdy as a Segway but slightly less awkward. The Solowheel only weighs 20 pounds and comes in a relatively small package and is definitely no where near as unwieldy as a Segway. Plus, it doesn't come with the reputation of mall cops and weirdos. It's supposed to come out in March for $1,500.

Here's a video fo the Solowheel in action. [Solowheel via Cool Hunting]


The thing which I don't get about such devices is why a large majority are operated by standing. Segways would be great devices for the disabled and elderly. In fact, if the UK's coalition government (both parties pledged to do this before May) follow through on their plans to allow Segways (currently, they can only be used on privately owned land), I fully intend to get one with a seat added as a replacement to a wheelchair.

Of course, this relies on certain people keeping promises...

I hate certain people.