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Well here’s a fun trick for any New Yorker who wants to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius easily, courtesy of Google employee Gabor Cselle on Twitter. “To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius,” he writes, “know that -10C is 14F, and then follow the NYC MTA 6 stops uptown.”


Yes, it’s an approximation, but it’s pretty easy to remember. (At least for me, I’m a native Manhattanite.) Cselle gives a shoutout to his friend Craig NM for tipping him off about this conversation method. There’s a weird YouTube video from October 2015 which explains the same thing.


For what I can tell from a little Googling, user Fred Rabin figured out this fancy lil’ trick way back in 2006. Thanks, Fred!

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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