Here's a Way To Get a Google+ Invite Now (Updated)

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Dying to try Google+, but don't have the tech cred to get an invite? Don't worry, just find a Google+ user and ask them to share a post with you. You will be sent an email with a link to "Learn More about Google +". When you click on that link, you can sign up for the service. If you get an error the first time, try again as the number of invites processed each hour is supposedly limited. Good luck!

Update: So that whole share a post thing, forget about it. Google+ users now have a convenient button that lets them invite new friends. All they need is your email address. All you need is to find someone already on the service willing to share the love.

Update #2. The Google+ invite system is temporarily shut down due to "insane demand".[Jennifer 8. Lee via The Next Web]


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