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We'd gotten a glimpse at Facebook's financials when the company first filed for an IPO in early February, but now an amended S-1 filing has shed even more light on the giant pile of money hoarded by the Zuck dragon. Including, reports TechCrunch, how much he made off of you.


The details in the 100-plus page financial document are mostly dry, but a few jump out that are different from before. Facebook now reports 901 million total users, with 500 million coming from mobile (which means lots of you are uploading pictures directly from your phone—300 million of them per day, in fact—which helps explain the keen Instagram interest). As for that Instagram deal, the purchase price was known to be a billion dollars, but the S-1 makes it official that it came in the form of $300 million cash, the rest in stock.


As for how much money the free service made off of you last year? On average, anywhere between $4.69 and $4.81. Which, at 901 million users, works out to a whole lot of FarmVille coins. The full document, uploaded by TechCrunch, is below:

[TechCrunch] Facebook Amended S-1 April 23: User Counts, Instagram


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