Here's How to Banish All the Babies From Your Facebook Newsfeed

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The older you get, the more of your friends start crapping out kids. And of course they pretty much insta-post every picture of their spawn on Facebook. Maybe you're annoyed or maybe you just think newborns actually look more like tiny shriveled old men., a Chrome extension that removes all the babies from your newsfeed, will save you from looking at a shot of junior every time he's got a new outfit on.


It automagically ditches the kid pics and puts pictures of awesome things in their place. Baby's 11-week birthday? Gone in favor of partial nudity! Baby eating solid foods for the first time? Here's a dog wearing a cop costume. A cop costume! You'll never be bored with all the minutiae of new parenthood again. Now please, make an extension that also excludes weddings and food pics. [ via Happy Place]


People post those pics of their kids and/or their antics because that's what going on in their life - Right now, right this moment. The fact that a majority of people do this SHOULD lead you to the conclusion that a person's family/kids/pets are a BIG DEAL TO THEM, which is what being a friend is all about — knowing them, knowing what's important to them, knowing what the hell is waking them up every 3 hours. Maybe you're feeling snarky and grumpy right this moment, but your bitterness shouldn't trump the fact that these people, hopefully, are your friends and they're just being themselves. If you don't care to know what's going on in that particular friend's life, unfriend them so you can get on with your bitter life.