Here's the Boatload of Samsung Leaks That Dropped While You Were Sleeping

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After a somewhat down year in 2018, between three new S10 models (including one that’s 5G-ready), its long-awaited foldable phone, and a new pair of truely wireless earbuds, rumors suggest Samsung is setting the stage for a monstrous year in 2019. And just last night, a bunch of leaks came out shedding new light on some the company’s most anticipated devices.

First up are the folks over at 91mobiles, who claim to have gotten their hands on press renders of the new Galaxy S10+, and boy is it a looker. I really hope that pearlescent white color variant is real, because it’s definitely eye-catching. Additionally, not only do the photos show a big 6.4-inch screen with a punch-hole cutout for what appears to be dual-front facing cameras, aside from tiny strips at the top and bottom of the screen, the phone is practically bezel-less.


Meanwhile, on the back of the device, the S10+ looks to feature three rear cameras, which are allegedly comprised of a main camera, a telephoto camera, and a third wide-angle cam. But what might be even more important is what you don’t see: a fingerprint sensor. This corroborates rumors that Samsung is switching over to in-display fingerprint sensors on at least some of the new Galaxy S10s models, a move that should be a welcome change for people who prefer having fingerprint sensors on the front instead of the back of a device.

Specs for the S10+ as reported by 91mobiles generally fall in line with what has been rumored before, with the phone featuring 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, two 16-MP and one 13-MP sensors in back, a 4,000 mAh battery, and either a Qualcomm 855 or Samsung Exynos 9820 chip depending on the region.


As for the price of Samsung’s new phones, it seems a young tech leaker named Ishan Agarwal teamed up with MySmartPrice to share early pricing for the S10 lineup in the Netherlands. Now there’s always some wiggle room due to things like taxes and converting prices from other currencies, but if the Agarwal’s figures are correct, we could be looking at U.S. prices starting at around $850 for the Galaxy S10e, $1,000 for the S10, and $1,150 for the S10+. That said, if those numbers sound a little high, don’t get too worked up quite yet, because based on past history, I expect actual prices will probably be closer to $750, $850, and $1,000, respectively.


Finally, in what may be the most tantalizing leak, GizmoChina and SlashLeaks found a promo clip accidentally uploaded to YouTube by Samsung Thailand. Mixed in among a variety of other Samsung products like the Galaxy S9+, there are also a couple shots of what looks like the rumored bendable Galaxy F phone without all the shrouding Samsung used to keep the device’s design hidden during the company’s Infinity Flex display reveal last year.

Skip forward to 0:25 and 0:55 to see quick shots of the mysterious folding phone in question.

Assuming the device in the clip is legit, the Galaxy F appears to have a much bigger outer screen than what was originally shown off back in November, while also looking significantly thinner than Royole’s Flexpai, which is currently the only bendable phone on the market.


While I can’t claim in credit for this, when I said “Samsung can’t afford to hold back anymore” last year, devices like ones rumored above are precisely what I was hoping to see from the world’s biggest smartphone maker. And with Samsung’s Unpacked event scheduled for February 20th, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to see what Samsung has in store for real.