Some blessed Chicago improv fan has posted a full recording of Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch's two-woman show Dratch & Fey. It ran from 1999-2000 at Chicago's Second City and New York's UCB just before the women got famous on SNL.

The crackly VHS upload is definitely low quality, but the show holds up. If you've ever wanted to hear Tina Fey recite every known euphemism for female sexual organs in a pink crop top and a janky Rachel-from-Friends hairdo, this is your day, baby.

The existence of this tape once again dredges up one of the major Comedy Mysteries of our time. Look at the obvious joy these woman take in performing together! They have real chemistry bouncing off each other onstage. Before Tina Fey became comedy soulmates with Amy Poehler, she was comedy soulmates with Rachel Dratch. The circumstances surrounding this change in allegiance are murky and if you know what happened please email me. Tina 'n' Rachel forever. [Splitsider]


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