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Hide your Wallet: Hot Toys' next Star Wars figures are Vader and Obi-Wan

Illustration for article titled Hide your Wallet: Hot Toys next iStar Wars/i figures are Vader and Obi-Wan

While everyone else was getting excited about that other Star Wars teaser recently, over the weekend Legendary toy makers Hot Toys had a teaser of their own - and boy howdy, any willpower I had in avoiding getting some of these absurdly expensive beauties is fading with every reveal.


It seems like Hot Toys are steadily working their way through the movies in release order so far, considering every reveal so far has been from A New Hope, but if that means that sooner rather than later we're getting Darth and Obi-Wan, then I'm fine with that. Already, posed locking sabers as they did on the Death Star, they look phenomenal.

Although not officially revealed yet (this is just a teaser of course) plenty more pictures are presumably on the way soon showing off the figures in full. While you contemplate the wonderfulness in that header image, excuse me - I just need to go and lock my Wallet in a secure place so I don't go for it the moment they reveal the price of these two in a bundle.


[Hot Toys on Facebook, via Toyark]

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Hopefully they'll sell these separately. I only want the Vader.