High Speed Laser Kills Virus Without Damaging Healthy Cells

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A new high speed pulsing laser developed by Arizona State physics professor Kong-Thon Tsen and his son Shaw-Wei Tsen, a pathology student at Johns Hopkins, has succeeded in killing a common virus without damaging the healthy surrounding cells. The laser utilizes the principle of "forced resonance" by vibrating the shell of a virus to "crack" it. Plus, tests have proven that it is possible to break down the shells at energies far lower than those needed to damage surrounding T-cells.


Since these ultrashort-pulse lasers or USPs don't generate a lot of heat, they are far gentler than conventional lasers, which may open up the possibility of using them to eradicate viruses in stored blood. The duo is currently testing the laser on HIV and hepatitis, which could be truly groundbreaking if successful. Will this physics professor and his biologist son restore my faith in medical science? Only time will tell. [Wired]


NO PRACTICAL USES???is that what the good doctor said??perhaps you understand biology of the aids virus,but you obviously know nothing of lasers or the potential of a breakthrough like this.perhaps it will of little use towards aids(you seem to be stuck on that disease obviously since you work on that virus)but there are other diseases out there doc,just because something cant cure aids,doesnt make it [useless.if] you knew anything about lasers,you would know that as you go higher on the red spectrum,he laser can penetrate deeper into the tissue,red spectrum is say 620nm,this will go a couple mm into the skin,but go to 780 and you can hit [bone.this] has great potential for killing virus that live in predictable areas such as the herpes virus or certain bacteria and [infection.its] a known fact that uv light kills virus and bacteria almost instantly,now we have a laser and the frequency that we know can do the same,magnify that power into a laser that can penetrate deep into the skin and cause no damage other than kill a virus,you have basically cured herpes,or at the very least,eleminated any future outbreaks of the disease.thats pretty amazing to me,all without pain and without a [prescription.only] problem is that it will never see the light of day because there is no money in cures,only treatments that you must take everyday to remain [effective.this] is how drug companies make [money.if] a pill was invented to cure herpes with one weeks supply,it would never see the market because the drug companies would rather have people suffer and be forced to take a pill everyday for the rest of their lives.