Highlining Between 9,000-Foot-Tall Mountain Peaks Takes a Special Kind of Courage

You’ve probably seen slackliners at the park, balancing a few feet above the ground on a thin strap strung between a pair of trees. Highlining is the same idea, except Hayley Ashburn walked over 170 feet between mountain peaks, over 9,000 feet above the ground.


Why would someone do this? For starters, the view is pretty fantastic from up there. But also who’s watching videos online of slackliners at the park? If you want to make a name for yourself, and get a few clicks in the process, this is how high you need to go to up your game.

[Vimeo via BoingBoing]



He wasn’t 9,000 feet from the ground he was 9,000 feet from sea level. Huge difference.