Hilariously Creepy Statues Of Marvel Heroes Will Help You Dish Out Candy

Do you enjoy giving out candy to people and also freaking them out at the same time? Yes? Good! Then these are just for you. Look into that Thor's eyes and tell me you wouldn't say no to a dig around in his candy bowl.

Rubies — yes, they of the equally hilarious/creepy Age of Ultron Halloween costumes — are no strangers to producing these licensed candy holders, not even to Marvel versions, as they've made ones featuring Cap, Spider-Man, Hulk and Wolverine offering sweet treats to those that will take them in the past. But this new trio, including their first to be based on an MCU interpretation of a character in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon, is definitely some of the freakiest looking of the bunch.


And not all freaky in a bad way, honestly. Rocket looks a little weird but there's still something pretty nifty about having a raccoon stand guard over your candy bowl, and I actually think the Venom one is a great choice — perfect for Halloween and I love the touch of his tongue sneakily sliding its way into the bowl for a munch. But that Thor, man. That Thor.

Look at those eyes as they pierce the fibre of your very being. He doesn't just want to offer you candy, he demands that you take it. "GOOD FELLOWS, I BRING UNTO THEE THE SWEETEST OF TREATS THAT ASGARD DOTH OFFER. FORSOOTH, CONSUME THEM FOR THEY ARE DELIGHTFUL, EGADS, VERILY, I HATH RUNNETH OUT OF FAUX-OLD TIMEY WORDS TO SAY".

What's the price of such a thing that combines Candy holding with immense weirdness? Why, a mere $45! You can preorder them now at Big Bad Toy Store for release later this year.


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