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HiVision Shows Off Sub-$100 Linux Mini Laptop

China's HiVision has debuted a Linux-based laptop that makes the OLPC seem ridiculously expensive. For $98, you get a MIPS-based processor, 1GB flash storage, 3 USB ports, Ethernet, an SDHC card reader, WiFi, audio in and out, voice-chat and Firefox browser support on a Linux user interface. No word who this is being marketed towards, but with a price tag that low, maybe this will end up being the device that fulfills Nicholas Negroponte's much criticized mission. The video above is Tech Video Blog's review of Hivision's miniNote (hmm, naming conflict with HP in the near future?) at IFC 2008. [Tech Video Blog via The Earth Times]


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$100 is the wholesale price for large quantities.

Comparing it to the olpc is kind of bogus, as it has no webcam, no mike, no ebook screen or folding mode, smaller screen, no gaming buttons, no mesh networking, no water/dust resistance or shockproofing, no advanced power management etc.

That being said it is pretty amazing, and it hints at the nearly disposable computers that are coming soon.

I would buy one for $150 in a heartbeat.