Hold On Tight, Smartphone Mugging Is More Popular Than Ever

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When you get a flashy, fancy new phone, of course you're going to want to use it, but you better be careful how and where; new reports show smartphone theft is getting super popular. You might say this is a good reason to keep it in your pants.

The problem is most prevalent, and getting worse the fastest, in urban areas. The Associated Press reports that smartphone robberies now account for nearly half of all robberies in San Francisco, as well as an impressive 40 percent here in New York City. And the numbers aren't just high, they're getting higher fast. In Los Angeles, smartphone robberies are up 27 percent from last year, with no signs of slowing down.

The thefts come in all varieties as well. Victims have reported having their phones—iPhones in particular (surprise!)—yanked out of their hands while talking, snatched just as public transit reaches a stop, or even taken at gunpoint. Gunpoint.


There are all kinds of plans to combat the problem by requiring liscense to sell second hand phones, or start a national stolen phone database, but the best defense is to just be smart. Don't flash that thing around when you can avoid it and hold on tight. And it won't keep it from getting stolen, but back that sucker up just in case; it'll soften the blow. Whatever you do, be careful. That's a lot of money in your pocket. [The Associated Press]

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