Holiday Office Party Tip: Don't Break The Copy Machine With Your Ass

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Ho, ho, it's lock-step corporate fun and binge drinking time again. Gizmodo wants you to enjoy your company's annual excuse to watch your colleagues make asses of themselves responsibly. Our advice this year? Don't sit on the copy machine. At least if you are in the UK, where 32 percent of Canon technicians say they have been called to fix glass plates during the Christmas period for non-work-related cracks.

Geoff Bush from the north of England said one case he'd attended, where a young lady had cracked the glass mid-scan, also jammed the scanner so that it wasn't until the machine was fixed and her colleagues all sober that copies of her backside starting pouring from the machine.


Thank you CNET for that apocryphal tale, and giving us a reason to think about ass the day after Thanksgiving. Special commendation for the lurid headline—"Confessions of a photocopier repairman")—too bad the article has just two examples in it.

Confessions of a photocopier repairman