Holy crap, Bionicle is coming back

The Lego Group have been teasing a reveal all week long, and we finally know what it is - Lego's construction toy/action figure hybrid Bionicle is making a return next year.

Bionicle, which originally ran between 2001 and 2010, was a massively popular range for Lego, blending together the construction element they were famous for with a more traditional action figure styled toy. The Sci-fi/Fantasy line (alongside an increasing prevelation of licensed properties like Star Wars) was largely responsible for turning around the company's fortunes after financial woes in the 90's - and was also Lego's first big cross-media franchise, with Bionicle crossing over from toy shelves to games, comic books and even movies in its decade of existence.


Barely anything is known about the new line, other than the fact it it's coming next year, and there'll be presumably more details from New York Comic Con in a few weeks time (where Lego will apparently also reveal a brand new line on top of showing off Bionicle). Here's the short teaser video that was shared on Social Media earlier today, which tells us absolutely nothing:

Excited to see more from Bionicle? You'll have to wait a couple more weeks to see more from the Toa and pals.

[Lego on Facebook]

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