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Holy crap, the new Mad Max trailer is amazing

The first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road was pretty damn good, but this one has taken everything up to 11. The stunts are truly incredible, the tone feels perfect, and the marriage of retina-bursting imagery and soundtrack makes it all feel like an explosive version of A Clockwork Orange.

I'm really looking forward to see this now.

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Captain Cupholder

Apparently I'm alone here, at least on Gizmodo/Sploid - these trailers just leave me cold. At the least, it would take positive reviews to get me excited about it. "There's a gas shortage" and "life is hard" - no way is that enough story for me. Sure, the action was exciting. But you know what else had action scenes that looked impressive in themselves? Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (and the rest of that shitty Michael Bay franchise, TBH). I have no interest in sitting through an hour and a half of great costumes, awesome cars and big explosions hung onto 7 lines of dialogue.

I know studios have to cherry-pick what goes into the trailers to get people excited - and based on what I've read here, it's working - but like I said, I need more than "AAAAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!" *KABLOOEY* before I spend any of my time or money on it.