Holy DC FanDome Batman! It's the Friday Gif Party

Step on me, Ivy.
Image: Warner Bros.

“Stay cool, Bird Boy.” That’s right, DC FanDome is around the corner and we’re channeling our internal Mr. Freeze with a DC gif party. Terrible one-liners preferred but not required.


DC’s digital-only convention is promising some major DC news and reveals, including a brand-new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, a first look at Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and the long-awaited trailer for the Snyder Cut of Justice League. It’s the kind of stuff we’ve been eagerly anticipating ever since San Diego Comic-Con, which was noticeably missing both DC and Marvel.

Let us know in the comments what panel or reveal you’re most excited to see at DC FanDome. And be sure to leave a gif of your favorite DC movie or show, making sure to explain why it’s Batman and Robin because what else would it be? Ugh, I’ve gone and done it again: Good Batman is disappointed in me.

I’m sorry Batman.
Image: Fox Kids

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