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Home Theater Screen Disguised as a Bookshelf

Illustration for article titled Home Theater Screen Disguised as a Bookshelf

Now, here's a great idea: Why not disguise a projection screen as a bookshelf, and then place a few other identical-looking shelves nearby as decoys? That's just what Italian designer Matteo Ragni has dreamed up here, trying to cross that bridge between a dedicated home theater room and a multi-use space that might double as a reading room, too. The only problem we see? If this is going to be a big enough screen, it's going to amount to one tremendously long shelf. This example is 170 centimeters, or 66.9 inches wide. That's not going to give you much of a big-screen experience. [Livit (Italian), via Red Ferret]


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Hey, it's a more usable and functional (and feasible) design than a lot of the other crap 'designers' come up with...