There should be no surprises that Hot Toys will be turning their uncannily details eyes towards Batman v Superman ahead of its release next year. But the company have started lifting the lid on their plans for the movie, and said plans include a rather massive, and rather swanky, Batmobile toy to stuff the Dark Knight into.

Ahead of a full unveiling at the Toy Soul event in Hong Kong this Friday, the company took to Facebook to offer a few teasers for its Batman v Superman toys—namely the huge 1/6th scale Batmobile. We’ve seen the outside of Batman’s beefed up new ride in the movie before, but the toy lets us take a look at the technological trickery going on in its innards, too:


It looks a lot like a Batmobile, unsurprisingly! So many buttons to press, Bruce, and so little time.

But it’s not just the Batmobile that got teased—so did the titular heroes themselves... and it’s not just the Batmobile that’s looking massive, either:


Oh god, I know that Batman is rather beefy himself in this new movie, but that neck. It’s bigger than it is in the film! It’s a Batman figure with more neck than actual face. Hopefully that’s just an angle thing or its the material of the cowl billowing out or something, but otherwise, that’s a little more Incredible Hulk than it is Dark Knight.

The figures and the Batmobile will have a proper unveiling this Friday at Hong Kong Toy Soul—presumably we’ll know a release window and a price (I’m betting on expensive?) around then, too.

[Hot Toys on Facebook]

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