How Analogies Shape Your Thinking

You might just think of analogies as being clever constructions, put together by smart people, to help you understand complex problems—but there's more to them than you might think.


In fact, they're a crucial part of being human; the way in which our (relatively!) simple bodies manage to understand the incredibly complex world around us; a crucial tool which actually shapes the way we think. This video goes some way to explaining why that's the case. Enjoy! [New Scientist]

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In a leadership class that I took (I am ever taking some class or other), one of the points that really stuck with me is that "real leaders" tend to build a consensus and illustrate their goals by use of story telling, in which analogies play a huge part. If you can get someone to "see" your vision and make it their shared vision, you have leadership abilities.

PS-Not all people in leadership positions (IE-the boss) have actual leadership skills. Don't confuse being a leader with being in charge, as they are not really the same thing.