How Did 30 Pounds of Drugs Get Delivered to the United Nations?

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Thirty pounds of cocaine was mysteriously delivered to the United Nations mailroom according to a report. There are no further details available about the incident, but it makes wonder how all of that blow got that far undetected.


Just to be clear thirty pounds is a lot of cocaine. It's not your local dealer's eight ball. The CBS report doesn't provide details on how the contraband wormed its way into the UN, but we're pretty sure that it arrived via some standard package delivery service and not in the back of a Town Car. This isn't the first time we've heard of drugs passing through the hands of UPS/FedEx/USPS, but it's definitely the highest profile destination.

So the questions we're left with, among many many many others: Aren't there drug-sniffing dogs? Or some sort of cocaine-spotting scanner in our major mail distribution centers? If not, uh, good to know? Who sent that much blow to the UN mailroom anyway? And... which UN delegate didn't get his shipment? [CBS New York]


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Did anyone check with the Columbian representatives?

This is like having a friend send you Yuengling from Florida.