How Do You Feel About Unboxings?

We've stayed away from unboxings lately—in the last year or two—but we wanted to get your take on them. How do you feel, as a reader, about our unboxings?


Here are the two sides of the argument. On the one hand, we feel that unboxings convey no real information (who cares about people taking things out of boxes), and a gallery with closeups shows off the product much better than watching a doofus try and open some plastic bags.

On the other hand, unboxings are supposed to be emotional and experiential, showing off what it's like to open up a Kindle 2 or a MacBook Pro for the first time. It's not supposed to be like a regular post, instead, letting readers into our living rooms in order to "feel" a product they otherwise wouldn't buy.

How do you feel?


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