Watch an NES Classic Get Unboxed and Torn Down Because You Can't Buy One

The NES Classic Edition sold out everywhere in a matter of minutes yesterday. Nintendo has promised that more are on the way but that means you have to do things like wait and have patience. The internet is here to help. This video is a twofer. You can experience the vicarious joy of opening that sucker up and you can see what’s in its guts just by clicking play.


I have to say, I experienced a mild state of nostalgic time travel just looking at that package being opened. A couple of factors were off, though. My tiny 6-old-hands did not engulf the box and I had the sick Power Pad/Zapper combo set.


Inside, the NES Classic hardware is pretty simple and non-modular. It doesn’t seem like hobbyists will find much to do with this thing, but you never know. ‘

The new controller is a little more complicated than the original, which you can see in a separate teardown here. One thing it shares with the original is a clever internal wrap-around design for the cable that keeps any stress safely focused on the cord rather than pulling it from the plugs.

Watch it now and place your orders for later.



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Andrew Daisuke

So, once I got shut down trying to buy the NES yesterday. I remembered that I had this tucked away in a cabinet somewhere. Wireless controllers, and you can use the old Genesis cartriges! Played streets of rage for a few hours last night with some freinds. I think I bought it at a grocery store years ago for like 30 bucks.