How Do You Keep Elephants From Eating Your Food? With Beehive Fences, Duh

I always thought elephants were afraid of mice. But scientists and farmers in Kenya have found that the best way fend off a herd of passing elephants is to erect a fence covered in bees. Talk about creative.

Elephants have been enjoying a resurgence since they were nearly poached into extinction back in the 70s and 80s. But now, somewhat ironically, they've become a burden on the growing number of farmers who grow crops the elephants get all trample-y over. And it's serious; both people and elephants have died in this land conflict. So what to do?


Desperate landowners, with the help of scientists at Save the Elephants, built beehive fences surrounding their farmland. And, after a two year period of observation, it was a success. The bees served as a natural deterrent for the elephants. Plus, the bees provided honey as an added bonus.

Think of how this discovery could be applied elsewhere. Annoying neighbors? Bee fence. Bill collectors? Bee fence. The possibilities! [Wired, Image Credit: Lucy King]

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