How does Being Human manage to make a zombie fashion show cute?

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Sometimes watching Being Human is like cradling a big basket of mewing kittens. This show can channel the sex powers of Sam Witwer's chin, the genuine sweetness of Meaghan Rath and the disarmingly comical charm of Sam Huntington. But Being Human is truly at its best when it wraps all three characters together and lets them bounce off each other.

Once together, the three summon the powers of such cute sincerity and adorableness that it's almost knee-buckling. I could care less about vampire/werewolf mutants or whether or not Henry is dead (he most certainly is not) — I just want these three monsters to continue doing menial tasks with the flair and gusto of a basket of kittens. It's just so fucking cute, I die. Over and over and over.

I know this because Sally almost dies in last night's episode. Spiritually, or whatever. So with true death on the horizon, the characters prepare to say goodbye to Sally's reanimated corpse. And in doing so also prepare for the big showdown with the evil witch Donna. AND the big wedding between Nora and Josh. There are a lot of emotions flying around, and it's all so damn cute, I don't think it could have been cuter if they put those little Taylor Swift cat ears (but I wouldn't be opposed to it!). So let's count down the cute.

  • Josh and Nora wake up, and it's their wedding day! Together they circle around each other in the bed like little minnows, each praising the other for being their better half. So what if we're not getting married in a big expensive hotel, we love each other. Meep!
  • Nora and Josh come downstairs, and not only is Aidan making them breakfast but he has festooned the room with the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony chuppa. I'll give you all a second while thoughts of Aidan hanging garland dance in your head. Oh yeah, and he's officiating the wedding.
  • Cat shows up, Aidan swiftly fixes whatever tension and calls her his "girlfriend," and Nora and Josh have a locker room style freakout about the girlfriend bomb.
  • Sally is rotting away, but in the cutest way possible, huddled in the corner in some seriously cute underwear. And wait, it gets better. As we all know, when you die and become a spirit, your body is doomed to stay in the outfit you perished in forever. Which means: Zombie Body Fashion Show!!!! This is where Being Human goes full stupid cute. And whole-hogs it into weirdo land — while music plays, a reanimated corpse with flesh falling off her bones tries on some dresses. Sally and Nora even have the "nuh uh" and the "ah ha" moments, whilst Sally shows off her new looks. "Yay Dresses!" It's so dumb, so very very very dumb. Like "someone lost a bet" dumb, but I still like it because ZOMBIE FASHION SHOW.
  • Shortly after the dead flesh show, Sally passes. But not before listening to the sweetest "you're going to die now" bed time story from Aidan. They joke and almost cry, and all the while I'm thinking, "when I die I really hope I don't land face first in a box of Entenmann's donuts in laundry day bathing suit bottoms, because this is really much better... Oh my god, I'm going to die alone." But seriously, can we hire Aidan and Josh to work the bedsides of people who are about to walk through their own shell door? Because they are quite excellent at it.
  • Aidan and Josh follow Sally into the door to fight Donna. There, Sally lets her spirit body become engulfed in magic flames and dies — but not before saying "I love you" to both of them, deliberately.
  • But it's all OK because Sally lives. It's way too early to start killing off the fun people. Let's just kill Ray and the other werewolf Dad like eight more times, and continue on pretending that Henry is dead. Sally comes home and the wedding continues. Aidan starts off the ceremony with the eloquence you wish you could foist onto the friend you ordained for your own wedding. Josh recites his own vows, because of course he wrote his own vows. And it's all Grey's Anatomy — only with characters you are actually rooting for as opposed to hoping that this time the weird plane accident will take them all out.

By the end I was silently clapping at all the sweetness. Maybe it's because everything out there is just so damn dark lately, but it felt good to feel good with silly but genuine characters. Yes, the last two episodes of Being Human were almost completely worthless and a long, meandering lead-up to this, but the end reveal of the wedding was worth it. Hell I wish the season finale was right now.


Gif images from Being Hyman.