How Does It Feel to Fly In the Boeing Dreamliner?

Flight Global's Jon Ostrower has flown in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner a few times already. He just posted a video along with a detailed account of his experience inside ANA's newest toy. It seems like a great experience, as promised:


• It feels natural, as if you never left the ground. This is because of the higher pressure in the cabin and a higher humidity: "the feeling aboard 787 felt as though the cabin door was never really closed."

• Much quieter than other planes.

• Really large windows.

• Nice, pleasant LED lighting (including a trippy rainbow display).

• The interior design is great.

• The lavatory is entirely hands-free (YES!)

I can't wait to fly in this airplane. [Flight Global]

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The Dreamliner's windows don't have physical blinds: the transparent material gets darker to block the light from outside.

The hands-free toilet in action.



What's the point of the disco cabin lighting?