How good salt is made the old and simple way

I’m really enjoying Zagat’s short doc series that focuses its camera on something and examines in detail how it is made. This time they take a look at salt to find out where good salt comes from. They visited J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works in West Virginia and Jacobsen Salt in Oregon to see how two small salt shops make their salt.


It’s really quite simple (though it requires a lot of work and waiting and quality control!) take water from the ocean and let evaporation do a lot of the work with filtering, draining, and drying doing the rest.

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Err, this will probably get me Internet Pilloried, but isn’t salt just salt? I mean, unless they’re adding some extra, N,A,C, or L, I’d imagine good old NaCL tastes the same no matter how you make it. No? Wrong?

Of course, we have gourmet water, so maybe there’s a market for fancy salt among the bored rich?