How James Cameron Would Fake Titanic Today

James Cameron interviews Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson interviews James Cameron. And while the scene devolves into one big battle of self-promotion, there are nuggets you shouldn't miss, including this sad explanation of Titanic, as shot by Cameron in 2009:

"If I did Titanic today, I'd do it very differently. There wouldn't be a 750-foot-long set. There would be small set pieces integrated into a large CGI set. I wouldn't have to wait seven days to get the perfect sunset for the kiss scene. We'd shoot it in front of a green screen, and we'd choose our sunset."

At this point in his career, Cameron has pretty much of proven himself as a technician beyond all reasonable criticism. But I must admit, a little part of me dies when reading that, today, the world's most powerful filmmaker—one who operates with complete freedom under near-unlimited budgets—would sooner digitize one of nature's daily miracles than capture the real thing. [Slate]


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