How Much Do You Trust Facebook? [Entirely, a Lot, Somewhat, Barely, Not At All]

Image: AP
Image: AP

Facebook is in the process of reorganizing how news posts will appear on its feed. It was announced last week that the basis for which publications will be given preferential treatment will depend on a survey sent to users regarding their subjective impression of how “trustworthy” that source or domain is.


According to a Buzzfeed post published moments ago, Facebook’s publisher trustworthiness survey—the basis of a major overhaul to a company worth around $500 billion—consists of only two questions.

1. Do you recognize the following websites


2. How much do you trust each of these domains?

[Entirely/A lot/Somewhat/Barely/Not at all]

Does that seem woefully incomplete? Well, it was reportedly confirmed by a Facebook representative as the actual and only survey in use by the platform that an entire industry depends on.

We fucking told you so.

Facebook could not be immediately reached for comment on why the survey is the way it is, what domains it’s selecting to include in the survey, or if everyone there has lost their minds.

Update 1/23 7:49 ET: A Facebook spokesperson responded to Gizmodo’s inquiries to claim that trust scores are just “one of the many factors that we consider while ranking stories.” The survey will appear approximately where friend recommendations currently do, and be served to an unknown number of users who were described as both “random” and “representational.”

Facebook further noted that it has no plans to release publishers’ trust scores or a information on which publishers were included in the survey.


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I as a user just recently got a survey from FB themselves. No not via email, as a part of the main loading site. It simply asked 2 questions as well. 1. Do you think Facebook is good for the world. 2. Do you use FB to maintain meaningful relationships with friends or family.

Also a leading survey that they will read responses as they see fit. What I meant and what they take away will certainly be difference. For general reference I said ‘No’ that it is not good for the world, and for #2 I had to go with slightly above the middle answer in the positive. So a 5 out of 7. My intention being there are a few people that I contact sparingly through FB, though if FB didn’t exist I would use other means. What they will take away is that I obviously need FB to communicate at all.