How Nerdy Is Your City, In Dollars?

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How much do single mothers in Akron spend on electronics? What about married Chicagoans, without kids, on their phone service? Bachelors, on cable, in New York? If only there was an interactive web app to tell you this stuff!

Bundle, a strange joint venture between Microsoft, Citi and Morningstar, scrapes data from government sources, Citi customers' purchase history, and god knows where else. The important thing is, it's a ton of data, about a ton of subjects: namely, how much different demographics spend on a variety of stuff, from household wares and gadgets to travel and eating out, as well as where they do their spending.

Some of the conclusions—single dudes spend a shit-ton on cable!—are entirely predictable. Others—people who make between $50k and $75k seem to spend more on electronics than people who make from $75k to $100k—don't make much sense at all. I wish the data was a little more granular, because then the cheap jokes about indolent losers spending too much on premium cable TV and too little on, I don't know, "health", would come so much easier, and cut so much deeper.


Oh well! Lazy jokes about cities are among the top 20 best kinds of jokes, so we'll be fine. Fat people who talk on the phone a lot live in place x, and not place y! Now you go. [Bundle via Consumerist]

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Why would purveyors of delicious facon be interested in electronics spending?