How Netflix Braces For the House of Cards Binge

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Marketplace's Queena Kim was in Netflix's war room at the moment season 2 of House of Cards went live, getting a peek at how Netflix pulls off dropping an entire season of phenomenal television into our addled, impatient laps. Just thinking about that sudden rush of millions of fans clicking on the new season of HoC makes my head spin, yet they did it again without a hitch.


The report is fascinating—you should absolutely listen to the whole thing. It's kind of mind boggling to think that a rather small team of laptop-armed engineers can beam an entire season of a can't-look-away TV show to the entire world in one shot. Makes everyone else in the TV business seem kinda slow. Side note, it turns out Netflix engineers know exactly how long it takes you to complete the season—last year, one binger watched all 13 hours with just 3 minutes' break. Now that's dedication. [Marketplace]

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My favorite shows include things like LOST, Fringe, BSG, Arrested Development, The Killing, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, TWD, Supernatural, GoT, Homeland, and Dexter... Will I like House of Cards? It seems kinda boring, but I'm sure somebody can give me a good reason to watch it.

PS. I definitely just divulged my entire TV show roster for the world to see. Don't judge me.