How the Apple Tablet Interface Could (And Should) Work

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These Apple Tablet photos and videos can't lay claim to authenticity; they were sent to us by a reader, who apparently rendered them over the past few months. But they can lay claim to being absolutely spectacular.

The renders were sent by reader Lex Lareo in response to our Tablet Sutra post, where we asked the most essential question about the whateveritis that we're expecting to meet tomorrow: How do you hold it? This reader said he'd been thinking about the same thing:

If you look at the tablet concepts everywhere, they reduce the concept exclusively to the body of the tablet. Then the designers place a screen with a more or less Photoshopped version of : a) Mac OSX or b) Iphone OSX. But there is a problem with that approach: the way the UI elements are placed over the screen.


For me the easiest way to grab the tablet is holding it with the two hands (six of your eleven photographs show that you seems to think the same way), so ... why not put the controls in the area that your thumbs can reach them effortlessly?. I've developed a UI concept that solves that problem.


And develop he has:

The chance that Apple will pull something just like this out if their collective hat tomorrow is very slim, but we can hope: for something that truly conquers the as-of-yet unsolved tablet UI problem; for something that truly changes the way we see UIs; for something that looks this good. —Thanks, Lex!