You're not looking at a digital painting or a photo that's been manipulated with Photoshop or some sort of hyper real painting here, you're looking at a real photograph taken with a real camera. No Photoshopping at all. Hard to believe, right?

How did the photographer, Patrick on Flickr, pull off this delirium-inducing image? Quite simply actually, he just used a sheet of glass with water droplets on it. Seriously, take a look at his photo set up:


Those little water droplets made the one bowl of M&M's underneath the glass look like a hundred different floating orbs of color. He can get so many different "Photoshopped looking" photos from that set up:

The photo, which was recently spotted by The Awesomer, proves that you don't always need Photoshop to trick the mind, the mind will easily trick itself.


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