This rather nondescript van is being powered by something much more beastly than your usual pistons: an actual airplane turbine engine. Seriously, over in Russia they crammed a real gas turbine engine inside this van (it fills up the whole van, basically) with gigantic hoses, an humongous fuel tank and a sweet control panel. It's so powerful that it's used to help power planes.

English Russia relayed some details from ZhZhitelya, who documented this monster machine of a van and it's basically used as a generator for smaller planes. These airplane cars allow planes to not use their main engines while on the ground and still provide air conditioning, electricity, etc. to the cabin.


Here's some translated text that explains the purpose of ramming a turbine engine inside a small van:

Look, almost all the aircraft you will see a small hole behind - this nozzle APU. Why not put some engine easier or a bunch of batteries and starter motor in the car?... Now it becomes clear purpose of these hoses and this [van]. The auxiliary power unit may be damaged, or you may need to provide the voltage or quickly warm up the plane after a long winter parking. In these and other cases, the [van] with a gas turbine engine in the cabin to help.

Whatever the reason, what a fun ride.