How the New Nexus 7 Stacks Up to the Competition

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Well, we already knew pretty much everything there was to know about the new Nexus 7 before Google's official announcement. You could have even technically have gone to Best Buy and bought (that is, pre-ordered) it this morning. But even though nothing was really a surprise, that doesn't change the fact that it's one sweet piece of tablet—even when compared to some of the top contenders.

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Most notably, it blasts away the other tablets on the market in terms of pixel density. At 323 PPI, it's not just the best small tablet display, it holds nearly twice the pixels per inch of its competitors. The Nexus 7 also holds its own in memory, being matched in gigs only by Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3.

The only place you do see it fall behind is in the camera department, trailer the others with a measly 1.2 MP front-facing lens. But honestly, you shouldn't be taking pictures with your tablet, anyway. We've taught you better than that. Otherwise, though, it's a lighter, 4.3 Jelly Bean-running machine that's carrying an NFC chip, to boot. Not bad.

Of course, as per our usual disclaimer, specs aren't necessarily the best way of gauging how these tablets are going to stand up under real world use. But here they are anyway—we're interested to hear what you think.


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The only reason I'm not rushing to pre-order this thing is that I already have a nexus 7... and a nexus 10... and a nexus 4... :)

Seriously, the nexus7 was already a nobrainer. But I'm afraid this new one won't be such a hit, yeah, the display is better, it's lighter, it has more RAM and a faster processor... but the old one works perfectly too... and a tablet (no matter if it runs iOS or android or windows) is not something that would get an intensive daily use... so the only reason to upgrade from the original N7 would be: "Oh, what the hell, it's only 230$, and it's a new gadget, plus now I can donate/repurpose/sell my old N7..." but I'm afraid this would only appeal to gadget freaks.

P.S: Somebody talk me out of buying this thing...