How to: 8 Ways to Get Ringtones Onto Your iPhone

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Click to view[Depreciated since iTunes 7.4.2] Purchasable iPhone Ringtones are officially here. However, with the discovery of free iPhone ringtones from inside iTunes 7.4 (and the rediscovery of them in iTunes 7.4.1), most of you won't want to pay $0.99 for the privilege of using a 30-second version of a song you've already purchased. Here are eight alternative ways to get ringtones onto your iPhone.


Options that require Jailbreak

• SSH/File Transfer: All you have to do is drop an iPhone's iPod-compatible ringtone into the /Library/Ringtones directory, meaning you can use MP3s, AACs (protected and unprotected), or M4As. Anything that your iPhone's iPod supports will work.

• iBrickr (Windows): iBrickr actually transcodes your sound files for you, so if you're looking up old WAV sound pages from 1999, iBrickr can convert them into something that the iPhone understands before syncing. [iBrickr]

• iFuntastic (Mac): Same as the SSH/File Transfer option. Just drag them into the correct /Library/Ringtones folder. [iFuntastic]

• Sendsong: Allows you to pick any song from your iPod and move it into the Ringtones section. Install this with AppTapp.

Options that don't require Jailbreak

• iTunes Music Store: You can manually place AAC files into the correct iTunes Ringtones folder as long as it has the right file extension. Works with purchased iTunes songs or songs you've converted to AAC format. [JoeMaller]

• Rogue Ameoba's MakeiPhoneRingtone (Mac): This takes advantage of the iTunes 7.4 and iTunes 7.4.1 ringtone file compatibility workaround to get the Ringtones show up in iTunes. All you have to do is drop in an AAC file, which can be one of your songs purchased from iTunes. [MakeiPhoneRingtone]

• iToner (Mac): Copies ringtones to your iPhone, bypassing iTunes, should be guaranteed to work with future iPhone updates. Costs $15. [iToner]

• iPhoneRingToneMaker (Windows): Transfers ringtones to your iPhone, but lets you edit them beforehand in its editor so you can chop down long songs to a manageable clip. [efksoft]

We recommend you use one of the free methods, since they're actually quite easy to do. Even if you don't want to jailbreak your phone, the iTunes Music Store manual method and Rogue Amoeba's MakeiPhoneRingtone can take care of this for free. But if you want to make sure your ringtones don't get deleted when a new version of iTunes or iPhone Firmware comes out, you may want to try jailbreaking and placing the songs into the ringtones folder manually.

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Uh I use Macs and PC's on a daily basis. I have actually used PC's for more of my life than a Mac.

How the hell do you rename a file extension on a PC??!!?!?

I don't I have ever tried to do that and it's annoying as shit!! Where is the option to even be able to view the extensions of files in the explorer window?

I am trying to rename the AAC file to .m4r. There is no such thing as a Ringtones folder. There is a ringtones section on the iPhone menu but there is no folder called Ringtones that I can find that correlates to it...

So what do I do once I convert the file? Just drop it into the iTunes music library? Do I have to make a ringtones folder manually in my library folder? Can I just change the extension or do I have to actually convert it with software? if so what software?

I can't seem to get iTunes to recognize that I have renamed this AAC file and none of your write ups are clear on this process. I would like to see a detailed step by step process for this please, thanks!