How To Build a Cheap(ish) Drill-Powered Go-Kart

You can pretend it’s for your kids, but over on Make they’ve posted a step-by-step breakdown on how to build this adult-friendly wooden go-kart. It’s powered by nothing but a pair of 36-volt cordless drills, but surprisingly they’re more than powerful enough for even grownups to take a ride.


The Drill Kart’s wooden frame not only helps to keep the project’s cost down, it also means the build doesn’t require access to welding equipment, or the know-how to actually use it. If you can operate a saw and a drill, you’ve got most of the skills needed to build one of these for yourself.

Because the Drill Kart uses a reverse trike setup with independent drive motors on each wheel, it’s steered more like a tank by separately squeezing the triggers on each drill. It apparently takes a little bit of practice to get used to, but in no time you’ll be cruising up and down your street dodging cars and curious dogs. As an added bonus, while you’re out joyriding you actually can’t do any other of your weekend projects because your drills are hard at work ensuring you’re enjoying your summer instead. [Make]

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